Major Projects

Saudi Phosphoric
Acid Plant

Major Projects info table
Project name Umm Wu'al Phosphoric Acid Plant (PAP)
Location Turaif, Saudi Arabia
Construction period 2013.12 - 2018.03
Scale Produce 1,500,000 tons Phosphoric Acid per year
The world’s largest phosphoric
acid production facility

The Saudi Umm Wu'al Phosphate Project is the world’s largest phosphate production facility, and is found at the northern border near Jordan. It produces 1.5 million tons of phosphate annually and can mine, process, and produce phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid. The project was initiated by Saudi Arabia as part of its effort to achieve a more balanced economic development. At a cost of 7 billion USD, this next-generation construction project included an end-product producing phosphoric acid plant that was built by Hanwha Corporation E&C Division. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division received 0.94 billion USD for the plant when it was completed in 2018 using the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) method.

The Wu’al Phosphate Project was a joint project between Saudi’s public corporation, Ma’aden, the state-run petrochemical company, Sabic, and the USA’s Mosaic, the world’s largest phosphate acid fertilizer producer and seller. The project was managed by the US’s Fluor while for construction, Korea’s Daerim, America’s Jacobs, Spain’s Intecsa, Canada’s SNC Lavalin, and with other leading construction companies around the world. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division was the first among the contractors who operated in the northern region to complete the project successfully, demonstrating its ability to exceed expectations.

  • Amount of production


    The world’s largest production
    of Phosphoric Acid totaling
    1.5 million tons annually

    Amount of production


  • Contract method


    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division coordinated
    all design, procurement and
    construction work and completed
    the project on time

    Contract method


  • Order amount

    million USD

    Order amount: 940 million USD
    Pressure equipment: 78 units,
    a total of 5,800 tons
    Pipe construction: 680,000 dia-inch

    Order amount

    million USD

  • Zero accident

    million work hours

    A total of 6 awards for
    construction safety.
    Achieved Zero LTI
    (Loss of Time due to Injury)
    during the entire construction period

    Zero accident

    million work hours


A gigantic construction project
  • Built 78 pressure vessels totaling 5,800 tons
  • Built 450 pump facilities
  • Construction of metal and non-metal pipes with 680,000 dia-inch
  • Employed 11,400 tons of steel and 89,000 m3 of concrete
  • Installed a total of 1,200 km of power cables above and below ground

3D modeling DESIGN

3D modeling design
  • Employed Microstation 3D modelling to minimize design errors and interference between equipment
  • Maximized construction efficiency by conducting preliminary reviews of constructability and maintainability
  • Automated the production and replaced 2D drawings with 3D modeling
  • Efficiently automated supply management using 3D technology
Supply management of over 1,200 km
  • Conducted site analysis of the construction site (located 1,200 km from the Dammam Port of Saudi Arabia)
  • Implemented supply chain management for approval, design, communications, procurement, and every stage of the construction process to control costs, improve profitability, manage delivery times, ensure client communications, coordinate and plan long-term project.
  • Numerous safety measures taken by closely cooperating with local government and traffic control to prevent accidents and construction delays.
  • Established new routes and employed safety & logistics experts to mitigate risks and safely transport large industrial equipment and hundreds of tons of materials across 1,200 km.


Achieved 21.5 million safety field work hours
  • Achieved 21.5 million safety field work hours without a lost time incident
  • Recognized with 6 awards as HSE Contractor of the Month by Saudi Ma’aden
  • Managed an Engineering Home Office to strengthen and systemize communication between different parties (A total of 90 engineers from Hanwha Corporation E&C Division, 20 employees from partner companies, and various process consultants were always on-site)