Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is a premier full-service construction company that over many years, have successfully leveraged its deep experience to develop a wide range of high-performance buildings including the latest intelligent buildings, luxury hotels, sophisticated medical centers, breath-taking sport facilities, and various structures that have become iconic landmarks all over the world.

Our commercial building construction business creates new value by focusing on innovation and evolution of shared spaces that chieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take pride in what we build as they stand the test of time and the highest level of scrutiny.

Symbol of Hanwha Group

Hanwha Headquarter Building Remodeling

Office Portfolio

The most advanced intelligent buildings shaping the face of cities

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is applying its state-of-the-art technology to create intelligent structures with advanced smart features; however, our office buildings go beyond simple functional spaces.

Closer up, they’re aesthetically designed to satisfy the most discerning tenant and from a distance, they help shape a city’s skyline or stand out as landmarks. Some of our creations that have become landmarks are in the city of Seoul, like the Hanwha headquarters building in Jangyo-dong, the Seoul Station and the Seoul Central Post Office.

They’re not only examples of world-class business facilities where aesthetics meets function, but they’re also representative of sustainable structures we can expect to see in our future. And for this future, we’re heavily investing in energy-saving, ICT convergence, and eco-friendly technologies.

The world's largest dome performance hall

Philippine Arena

Cultural / Sports Portfolio

A portfolio boasting the best technology

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s diverse portfolio ranges from skyscrapers to high-tech facilities, and even unconventional structures. From these projects, we have proven that our differentiating construction technology can be applied to all types of architecture and satisfy both functional and aesthetic demands.

This is an invaluable experience and another core competency. Our sophisticated and technology infused projects include educational facilities, medical complexes, cultural buildings, massive sports arenas, preeminent hotels & resorts, railway stations, and IT centers.

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s advanced technology and engineering have earned global praises across construction industry for its building the world's largest dome arena, the “Philippine Arena.” The Philippine Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena covering over 99,000 square meters of land with the dome itself that is 9,000 square meters in size.

Department store where light penetrates the entire building

Galleria Gwanggyo department store

Hotel / Resort / Mall Portfolio

A leader in global infrastructure development and complex business development

At Hanwha Corporation E&C Division, we can build anything but it is our successful completion of the most complex development projects that make us stand out above the competition.

Some of our past projects include the Suwon Convention Center MICE complex, the Seoul Station northern area development, and the Daejeon Station area development. These are complex projects that combine a mix of residential buildings, offices, hotel, department stores, convention centers, and an aquarium, all in one area. In Iraq, we’re building an entire city including its infrastructure.

Our customer centric approach coupled with our expertise and capability to handle a diverse portfolio of building types are what allows us to take on a wide array of projects and still consistently deliver on our promises. And as we continue to expand our network, apply our experiences, and leverage Hanwha Group’s global resources, there’s only one direction we’ll go: up, as a top global infrastructure developer.