Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has contributed to South Korea to grow as a nation through numerous public and private infrastructure and Social Overhead Capital (SOC) projects. In the earlier years, we worked tirelessly to build the roads, railways, bridges and tunnels to interconnect people and enable trade across the nation.

The infrastructure we’ve helped to build has in turn, helped the nation of S. Korea become one of the 10 largest economies in the world.
Today, at Hanwha Corporation E&C Division we’re investing in the development of environment technologies such as water treatment and Resource Recycling for the future.

Eco-friendly water treatment solution with new technologies

Expansion of Geumchon Sewage Treatment Facility, Paju

Water Treatment / Port Portfolio

Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions and Resource Recycling for a Sustainable Future

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division promises to create a sustainable future of mankind by driving large-scale environmental projects through continuous technological development. In the field of water treatment, we strengthen our core capabilities by receiving certification on new technology from the Ministry of Environment and developing and applying advanced treatment technologies.

We also take the lead in port development, river management for water resources, and resource circulation by recycling waste materials.

Through relentless innovation, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division will continue to enrich lives and differentiate itself from other companies by providing solutions to various environmental challenges faced by humanity.

The last expansion of route number 1

Expansion of Seoul-Busan Highway

Road Portfolio

Helping to build the infrastructures of a nation

Since its foundation in 1967, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has directly helped to rebuild the country of South Korea after war had decimated many of its buildings. Our contributions helped to develop the nation and the national economy with numerous public SOC (Social Overhead Capital) projects.

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division built roads, highways, bridges, and railways that have seamlessly connected the country, reducing travel time and enhancing the flow of trade and business. Behind every project was Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s desire to go beyond business success; it was a passion do what was meaningful for a nation and its people.

The results were unprecedented like the Seoul-Busan Highway that spanning over 400 kilometers to connect the nation’s largest seaport to the largest city in the country and the constructions of the 3rd Seoul-Incheon Expressway, the Pyeongtaek-Siheung Expressway, the Shinbundang Subway Line, the automated Gimpo Goldline Subway, and the Seoul LRT (Light Rapid Transit) Sillim Line, and many more.

Subway operated by unmanned system

Gimpo Goldline Subway (Gimpo-Seoul), Section 5

Railway / Bridge Portfolio

Building cities that breathe life into the land

Historically, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has played a key role in rebuilding Korea after the war in mid-century. By repurposing useless lands or revitalizing abandoned ones we, in effect, bolstered the spirit of the nation and renewed the economic activity across the country.

Since then, we’ve never stopped developing; instead, our projects have only become bigger, more complex, and global. We’ve been leading the industrial and residential development, creating now, the entire cities and their infrastructures like the Incheon EcoMetro city, Daedeok Techno Valley (DTV), the Yongin Techno Valley and Sejong city.

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division will continue to create stepping stones for urban development by efficiently developing sites based on accumulated know-how and experience.