Complex development involves integrating facilities of various purposes, such as residential, commercial, cultural, leisure, and public amenities.

This requires the development ability to reflect diverse customer needs. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division possesses a differentiated competitive edge in the field of large-scale complex development projects based on its accumulated experience and networks.

A large-scale Complex to be completed as a landmark of Seoul

Seoul Station Northern District Development

Urban complex Development Portfolio

A Developer Leading Complex Development Projects in the Heart of Seoul

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division emerged as a powerhouse in the field of complex development after successfully completing the Suwon MICE Complex project and planning and developing various projects.

One prominent project is the development of a mixed-use complex including MICE facilities, hotels, offices, and shopping centers in the vicinity of Seoul Station, which is a pivotal transportation hub. This project aims not only to secure differentiated capabilities and achievements but also to introduce new customer experiences.

Additionally, we plan to transform the area around Jamsil Sports Complex, covering approximately 350,000 square meters, into a mixed-use complex that integrates culture, sports, and events to create a new cultural and business hub in Seoul.

A successful model for developing local tourism resources

Suwon Convention Center MICE Complex

Urban complex Development Portfolio

Development Capability in Creating Synergy by Connecting Diverse Facilities

In complex development, it is essential to have development capabilities to go beyond mere apartment houses or office buildings, connect facilities of various purposes, and develop jointly in consideration of synergy effect in order to reflect needs of multiple stakeholders and customers.

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division not only secures specialized human resources and networks but also leverages synergy of affiliates, including Hanwha Hotel & Resort and Hanwha Galleria, based on the credibility of Hanwha Group that ranks nation’s seventh in the domestic business community.

Particularly, we demonstrate prowess in transit-oriented development projects, which demand high design proficiency while balancing public interest, commercial viability, and operational capacity.

The symbol of Iraq's reconstruction

New Bismayah City Project

Town development Portfolio

Building Korean-style smart cities and urban development projects abroad

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is continuing its legacy of building cities, as it is now building an entire city in the Bismayah region of Iraq.

With expertise and experience from having already built Incheon Eco-Metro City and Daedeok Techno Valley (DTV) in South Korea, the new Bismayah City will be Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s boldest and biggest project to date. At a cost of more than $10 billion, the new city will consist of 8 towns, 59 street blocks and 834 apartment complexes by the year 2027.

By adopting the efficient project delivery system Design-Build, a method in which a single contractor is responsible for the entire project from design to procurement, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division will construct housing for 100,000 households along with all the necessary infrastructure such as roads, underground caverns, electric grids & power lines, all public facilities like schools, hospitals, and water purification plants.

The overall design is inspired by the smart cities we built in Korea – well known and highly praised in the Middle East.