About Us

  1. 2023

    • Completed Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon (1.8 trillion KRW)
    • Completed Korea’s first multi-purpose arena, ‘Inspire Arena’ (15,000 seats)
    • FORENA selected as TOP8 of ‘Best Apartment Brands in 2023’
    • Selected as the best company in mutual cooperation evaluation (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
    • Received the highest grade in the 2023 Win-Win Growth Index evaluation
    • Developed a ceiling-type electric vehicle charging system, the first in Korea
    • Awarded the grand prize at ‘Technomics Audition' - Waste Plastic Energy Conversion Plant
    • Commencement of detailed design for 'Shinan-Ui offshore wind power project' (400MW, 2.5 trillion KRW)
    • Signed an implementation agreement for the ‘Tongbok public sewage treatment facility modernization project’
  2. 2022

    • Merged with Hanwha Corp. and changed the company name to Hanwha Corporation/E&C (November 1st)
    • Completed a concession agreement for Daejeon Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization Project (721.4 billion KRW)
    • Selected as an preferred bidder of constructing 345kV transmission and substation facility of Saemangeum Floating Solar Power Project (494.7 billion KRW)
    • Awarded the grand prize at ‘BIM AWARDS 2022’
    • Completed Seoul LRT(Light Rapid Transit) Sillim Line, Section 3
    • Completed Shinbundang Subway Line(Yongsan-Gangnam), Section 1-1
    • Signed a joint development agreement for offshore wind power with Equinor, a Norwegian state operation energy company
  3. 2021

    • Selected as a preferred contractor candidate for the ‘Jamsil MICE complex project’ competition (2.16 trillion KRW)
    • Selected as a preferred contractor candidate for the ‘Suseo Station area development’ competition (1.2 trillion KRW)
    • Opened the 100th Forena Library, the company’s most famous social contribution activity
    • Completed Bongdam-Songsan Highway
    • Won the 2021 Red Dot design awards in the Brand & Communication category and Concept Design category.
    • Awarded the Highest Prize at ‘2021 LH Customer Quality Satisfaction Awards
    • Held ‘2021 Innovative Tech Competition’ to support start-up companies
  4. 2020

    • Premium housing brand FORENA, provision of 20,000 houses
    • Completed construction of Suwon Convention Center MICE complex including convention center, housing, department store, hotel, aquarium, etc
    • Completed construction of Yeosu Woongcheon complex including residence buildings, terrace houses, hotel and shopping district.
    • Completed world's first byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Daesan, Korea
    • Completed Yeongyang wind power plant (3.45MW * 22 units)
    • Completed Jeju Soomang wind power plant (3.6MW * 7 units)
    • Selected as a preferred contractor candidate for the ‘Daejeon Station area development’ competition (900 Billion KRW)
    • Launched FORENA’s original exterior design-concept
    • Signed an Online fair-trade agreement with 210 sub-contractors
    • MOU with KT, LG Electronics, and NAVER regarding AI smart home
  1. 2019

    • Launched new premium housing brand, FORENA
    • Completed remodeling of Hanwha building at Jangyo-dong, Seoul
    • Selected as a preferred contractor candidate for the Seoul Station North area development project (1.8 trillion KRW)
    • Completed Cam Lam Solar power energy plant, Vietnam (100MW)
    • Began construction of Inspire Integrated Entertainment Resort in Yeongjong Island, Incheon
    • Corporate credit level increased to A-, as measured by 3 major Korean credit companies
    • Signed a MOU for new city project in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
  2. 2018

    • Completed Town-A of Bismayah New City in Iraq, A total of 17,880 households have been completed
    • Completed Yanbu II Power and Water plant project, Saudi
    • Completed Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere, a Luxury Marine Resort
    • Completed Seoul-Busan highway expansion project (Uhnyang-Yeongcheon)
    • Completed the ‘New Stay’ rental apartment in Gwonseon-gu, Suwon (2,400 households)
    • Awarded the Highest Prize at ‘2018 LH Customer Quality Satisfaction Awards’
    • Opened the 80th “FORENA Library,” Hanwha E&C’s social contributory activity
  3. 2017

    • Completed Marafiq Power plant (STG) 5&6 in Saudi
    • Completed Biskra Power plant (SCPP) in Algeria
    • Completed Dongtan Railway Station for the SRT(Super Rapid Train)
    • Completed Hanwha R&C Center in Daejeon
    • Completed new office complex of the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology at Busan
    • Developed and applied a real-time safety management mobile app for all construction sites
  4. 2016

    • Completed Hanwha Q-Cell’s Jincheon Plant, Korea’s largest solar power cell plant
    • Signed a collaboration MOU with Suwon for Suwon Convention Center MICE complex
    • Opened the 60th Forena Library, the company’s most famous social contribution activity
    • Completed Sangju-Yeongcheon Highway
    • Completed landscape project for Incheon Cheongna Lake Park
    • Completed Osan Cogeneration Power Plant
  5. 2015

    • Won a 2.1 billion order to build the Social Infrastructure for Bismayah New City in Iraq
    • Completed International and Domestic Passenger Terminal for Jeju Harbor
    • Completed Um Al-Aish LPG Filling Plant (KOTC) in Kuwait
    • Completed Ma’aden Gold production plant in Saudi
    • Began construction of Shin Kori Nuclear Power Plant units 5 & 6
    • Completed Damyang-Seongsan Highway
    • Completed Ulsan Grand Bridge
  6. 2014

    • Completed construction of Philippine Arena, World’s largest dome stadium
    • Achieved 140 billion USD in accumulated overseas construction orders
    • Began construction of Saudi Umm Wu'al phosphoric acid plant project (PAP)
    • Selected as one of the best 50 technologies by the Ministry of Environment - Hanwha E&C’s sewage management system
    • Completed the main facilities for Yeongheung Thermal Power Plants 5 and 6
    • Completed Sejong Cogeneration Power Plan
    • Completed Jeju Health Care Resort 1st and 2nd campuses
  7. 2013

    • Ranked the 6th Korean construction company to achieve the greatest number of public project
    • Awarded a grand prize for 2013 construction cooperation promotion
    • Completed Samra Gas Turbine Power Plant in Jordan
    • Completed Sipjeong Stadium in Incheon
    • Selected as a model case for the creative economy by the Korean Government
    • overseas new city development
    • Completed Highway between Pyeongtaek-Siheung
    • Completed Shinhan Financial group’s data center
  8. 2012

    • Won a new city development project in Bismayah, Iraq, the largest overseas contract for a Korean company (USD 8 billion)
    • Completed Ma’aden Power & Desalination Plant in Saudi
    • Began construction of Saudi Jazan Refinery and Terminal project Pkg 14, Marine Terminal Project
    • Completed construction of 2 aquariums, Aqua Planet Jeju and Aqua Planet Yeosu
    • Completed Groundwork for Asan Techno Vally (New city development)
    • Completed Groundwork for Seosan Techno Vally (New city development)
    • Completed Poly Silicon Production Factory for Hanwha Chemical in Yeosu
    • Selected as the model construction company by both LH and the Department of Defense
  9. 2011

    • Completed construction of Galleria Forêt, the most luxurious residential building
    • Completed Arzew Refinery in Algeria
    • Began KNPC facilities upgrade project in Kuwait
    • Acquired KEPIC certificate, a qualification for the construction of a nuclear power plant
    • Awarded a Presidential Prize for Good life quality Apartment, sponsored by Maeil Economic Daily
    • Awarded a Grand Prize of the 2011 Housing Culture Awards
    • Completed Intergrated Energy Cogeneration Plant in the Gunjang National Industrial Complex
    • Received iF Design Award 2012
  10. 2010

    • Completed Saudi AAC Ethylene Amine Chemical Plant
    • Completed Riverside J, the high-rise condominium in Manhattan, NYC, USA
    • Completed construction of 3rd Gyeongi-Incheon Highway
    • Completed Cheongnyang-ri Railway Station
    • Completed Hanbit Bridge, Korea’s first 3-way cable bridge, in Daejeon
    • Completed Gwangmyeong cogeneration power plant
    • Completed Plaza hotel renovation in Seoul
    • Completed Incheon EcoMetro Urban Development Project - 2nd complex
    • Transfer agreement of Zero Energy Solar House (ZESH) technology with the Korea Institute of Energy Research
  1. 2009

    • Achieved a total of 4 trillion KRW in contracts
    • Completed Incheon EcoMetro Urban Development project - 1st complex (11, 12 blocks)
    • Provided Chandler condominium in Chicago, USA
    • Completed Yeosu cogeneration power plant
    • Completed Ulsan new port facility
    • Completed Incheon Grand Bridge
    • Completed Jeju Museum of Art
    • Developed a technology of integrating solar power into a building
    • Received an iF Design award 2010
  2. 2008

    • Achieved a profit of 2 trillion KRW
    • Completed Taean power plant Units 7 and 8
    • Completed Hanwha HRD(Human resource development) center in Gapyeong
    • Completed a sewage treatment plant in Geomdan-dong, Incheon
    • Completed a combined cycle power plant in the Gunsan Regional Industrial Complex
  3. 2007

    • Completed construction of Daedeok Techno Valley(DTV) site development
    • Revised and expanded Hanwha E&C’s Technology Research Center
    • Completed International Post and Logistics Center
    • Completed Nuri.kkum Square and the KT Yeongdong branch office in Seoul
    • Awarded a grand prize at the Korea Civil Construction Technology Awards
    • Completed Pyeongtaek- Siheung highway
  4. 2006

    • Design renewal of Hanwha E&C’s apartment brand ‘Dream & Green’
    • Began construction of Incheon EcoMetro (New city development of the Sorae-Nonhyeon region in Incheon)
    • Completed Misiryeong Tunnel
    • Completed construction of 2nd medical campus of Kyunghee University
    • Completed Hwaseong sewage treatment center
    • Awarded a grand prize in the eco-friendly brand sector at Korean Apartments Brand Award
  5. 2005

    • Completed Jamsil Galleria Palace, a high-rise residential building
    • Provided Lancaster Condominium in Chicago, USA
    • Completed a cogeneration power plant at the Daegu Dyeing Complex
    • Completed Hi-Brand Shopping mall in Yangjae-Dong, Seoul
  6. 2004

    • Completed construction of Seoul Railway Station
    • Received Seoul Citizen’s Favorite Award in Construction – Seoul Railway Station
    • Completed Apgujeong Galleria department store WEST
    • Constructed Jade Palace, a golf club
  7. 2003

    • Proclamation of ethical management - Establishment of the Ethics code and Code of Conduct
    • Completed the 2nd stage construction of the Daechung dam- regional sewage treatment project
    • Completed Obelisk studio apartments in Gangnam, Hwajeong, and Bundang
  8. 2002

    • Separation of Hanwha Engineering and Construction from the Hanwha Corp.
    • Achieved a total of 1.2 trillion KRW in contracts
    • Completed construction of the highway between Cheonan-Nonsan
    • Awarded a grand prize at the Korean Economic Housing Culture Awards
  9. 2001

    • Launched Hanwha E&C’s new apartment brand, ‘Dream & Green’
    • Opened Hanwha E&C’s Technology Research Center
    • Completed POSCO’s Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)
    • Completed Oksoon Grand Bridge
    • Completed construction of Osan city hall building
    • Completed Soonchunhyang University’s Bucheon General Hospital
    • Completed Haeundae Hanwha resort in Busan
  10. 2000

    • HDF Process (Hanwha Dynamic Flow
    • advanced water treatment technology) received Korea's first new technology certification by the Ministry of Environment
    • Launched Hanwha E&C’s new studio apartment brand, ‘Obelisk’
    • Completed Formosa Refinery plant in Taiwan
    • Completed Bucheon sport complex
    • Awarded a gold prize at Housing Culture Award
  1. 1999

    • Completed Hanwha Chemical’s EDC/VCM plants
    • Presidential Award
    • Korea National Oil Corporation T-5 oil reserve base
    • Completed Hanwha Energy Co’s combined power plant (1,650MW)
    • Signed an agreement with France's Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux to jointly enter the water treatment business
  2. 1998

    • Obtained ISO 14001 and 9001 Certifications
    • Completed Yeochun Heat and Power plant
    • Received Safety Management Award from the Ministry of Labor
  3. 1997

    • Awarded a grand prize at the `97 Korean Architecture Competition
    • Seorak Waterpia
    • Completed Hanwha Group office building in Sogong-dong, Seoul
  4. 1996

    • M&A of Hanwha and Duksan Civil Engineering & Construction
    • renamed Hanwha corp./Construction division
    • Completed Gunja Land Reclamation project in Siheung
  5. 1995

    • Completed Hanwha Investment and Securities’ head office building in Yeouido, Seoul
    • Completed Galleria Department Store – Suwon Branch
    • Completed Yeocheon oil bank terminal
    • Awarded a grand prize at the ‘95 Korean Architecture Competition
    • Hanwha R&D center
  6. 1994

    • Presidential Award
    • Daejeon EXPO Hanbit Tower
  7. 1993

    • Completed Yeocheon NCC Plant
    • Registered as an engineering company fully complying with the Engineering & Construction Regulatory Laws and Guidelines
  8. 1992

    • Completed Incheon Oil Refinery (0.1 million barrel annual capacity)
  9. 1991

    • Obtained a Certification of International Contractor
    • Completed Hanwha Chemical’s EDC, VCM, CA and ECH Plants
  10. 1990

    • Completed Hanwha Chemical’s PVC plant
  11. 1989

    • Completed Hanwha Chemical’s HDPE plant
  12. 1988

    • Company name changed to Duksan Civil Engineering & Construction Co.
    • Completed Hanwha Group’s Headquater building in Jangyo-dong, Seoul
  13. 1986

    • Completed the expansion project of Guma Highway
  14. 1985

    • Constructed Korea’s first EVA production facility
  15. 1984

    • Completed the 88 Olympic Highway
  16. 1979

    • Obtained a license for civil engineering & construction
  17. 1978

    • Obtained a license for electrical works construction
  18. 1971

    • Completed Incheon Hanwha power plant
  19. 1967

    • Established as Taepyeongyang Construction company